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March 2021 - We assume that with the new concept we will need far less rooms in future. To what we hear from customers and other language schools face-to-face training will return, but not to the same extend as before. We, therefore, reduced the number of rooms we have, which helps us saving unnecessary costs.

You will find us now on the 4th floor, room no. 4.09 (office and temporary training room). We have rented additional room(s) on the 3rd floor, room 3.11 (training room). We try to get hands on the adjacent rooms on the third floor as soon as they will become available.

Due to the moving to the 4th floor, we had to change our office telephone number to: 0211-26190590.

Channel Programs:

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Training Material Access

ID-No.ContentDescriptionLinkTarget GroupTarget Level
--EncyclopediaEncyclopedia for German and English vocabularyEncyclopediabanking, general, financial
--Grammar ReferenceA list of all grammar points in all our English books.Grammar Chartsall levels
EN001V01SLLearners Book "English for Business - Breakthrough Level"Self-study book for learners.Learners Book A1Business PeopleA1
EN001V01TRTrainers Book "Trainers Book - from A1 to A2"Trainer resource pack; can be used in online sessions as material.English Trainers Manual consistent with "Learners Book English for Business - Breakthrough Level"A1
EN002V01SLLearners Book "English for Business - Waystage Level"Self-study book for learners.Learners Book A2Business PeopleA2
EN002V01TRTrainers Book "Trainers Book - from A1 to A2"Trainer resource pack; can be used in online sessions as material.Trainers Book A2English Trainers Manual consistent with "Learners Book English for Business - Waystage Level"A2
EN003V01SLLearners Book "English for Business - Threshold Level"Self-study book for learners.Learners Book B1Business PeopleB1
EN003V01TRTrainers Book "Trainers Book - from A2 to B1"Trainer resource pack; can be used in online sessions as material.Trainers Book B1English Trainers Manual consistent with "Learners Book English for Business - Waystage Level"B1


Grammar Reference

Purpose: You may have to explain a grammatical structure outside of the learning path. Then this grammar reference will help you. It is sorted alphabetically according to grammar points and always contains at least one grammar table picture to explain the respective point.

So if in a training you get into the situation where you need to quickly refresh a grammatical structure so that you can continue meaningfully afterwards, then simply open the grammar reference, click on the corresponding grammar point, and the corresponding one will be displayed immediately for explanation.

Info: at the moment this grammar will not help you because we have only just started it. But since we are developing 3 textbooks at the same time, it will grow in size very quickly and will be helpful to you in the foreseeable future.

Grammar Overview Chart



(Learning Management System; online learning program)

Purpose: The LMS is designed as a self-study platform. It consists of explanations of the learning points, grammar charts, lots of audios and videos, voice recording, pictures, examples, exercises ... all the things you rightly can expect from an online learning program.

Where we make a difference to other LMS systems is: we still guide the student in this program, like we would do with a trainer. Babbel and others leave it to the learner to identify the learning points and the order in which he/she wants to learn them. We feel this is not very effective.

In our LMS we give the learners a structure which learning point he/she shall learn and in which order. The results of their exercises will be analyzed and result in corrections in their learning path if needed.

They also have access to an eTutor and can always, at each level and time, ask the eTutor about anything they want (as long as it refers to their learning). He/she receives a personal answer from the eTutor inside the program.


Learners Book

Purpose: The Learners Books are designed to work as a self-study programs. It contains the learning point, examples, exercises and has direct links to videos, audios and further documents.

The ideal structure for us would be something like:

  1. the learner studies each unit in the book and/or the LMS (online learning program).
  2. He/she does the existing exercises there as well.
  3. Once he/she has finished the unit, he/she takes part in a weekly or bi-weekly training session with a trainer, in which the gained knowledge will be deepened, strengthened, and supplemented.

The learners book and the LMS are interlinked, means: learners can jump to the respective section in the LMS straight from the Learners Book (if it is opened as a pdf), or he/she can type in the URL to get there.

Trainers Book

Purpose: The Trainers Book is totally compatible with learners book and the LMS. The topics, the vocabulary, the grammar charts and the examples and units are coordinated with each other. Therefore, you as the trainer, can easily work with just the Trainers Book without knowing the Learners Book or the LMS.

But you can tell students for example to redo a certain unit or the exercises of a specific unit, knowing that they are almost identical to those shown in the Trainers Book.


Thank You and Welcome!


Thank you for being part of the Strategic Learning family. The times for language schools have changed dramatically, despite the continuing need for language skills. Both, companies and private individuals, have changed their attitudes towards the 'how', 'what' and 'where'.
Our experience in the last 16 months (since October 2019) confirms our assessment that we have to break new ground, and we are doing exactly here and now.

We have developed an LMS system with which we can offer online self-study programs. And we have also tested the resulting consequences for training with trainers for months, with extremely positive feedback from all participants without exception and good results in achievement tests.

We would now like to take the next step with you and build a strong and competent team that knows how to use the new possibilities and creates synergies that help the learners to have a completely new learning experience that is more positive, more intensive and more successful.

Learners nowadays naturally use Google Translate when they need to receive or write texts, read reports, etc. They use Linguee when it is important to them to translate things correctly. They mostly have DuoLingo or other free apps on their computers or smart devices. In this world of permanent and free of charge help and opportunities, we have to make a difference that customers are willing to believe and that they then have to feel when they have decided in favor of us.

We have of course given thought to who can take the next step with us, in both interests. And we believe that you are exactly the persons to build a new future with us, where good coaches have become even more important in a changed world.

As you know, we still have a lot to do. We still have to develop many learning elements, we have to deal with legacy issues that have arisen from the Covid19 crisis, we have to offer a future concept to you that protects your interests and offers you a prosperous business basis.

We therefore want to proceed as follows:

1. Whether we want it or not, we have to deal with a few legacy issues. We assume that we will have that fixed in the next few weeks. The basis for this was, of course, above all to reorganize our order situation in such a way that it can support both you and us. We have already achieved this, and now it is a matter of improving our basic situation.

2. We would like to concentrate on a team that would like to follow the path outlined above with us. We want to become the most reliable and best partner a trainer could wish for again. For this we need a convincing, sustainable product and a trusting and openly interacting team. At this point we are up-to-date, which is why we have approached you and are trying to get you involved.

3. We want to dare a new openness and transparency. That means on this page we will

- provide all materials that we offer in your area,

- keep you informed about new events and developments (confidential of course!) in the info area,

- offer a forum where you can always 'talk' to us openly,

- give yourself a long-term platform on which you can even develop and offer your own programs.


We look forward to an exciting new time with you!


With kind regards

Alexander Lewis

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