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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle of the Week 48

So there it is on the table. The invitation to your best friend's wedding party. The host is his brother, who planned the party. You've already had a sneak peek. The garlands are already hanging from the ceiling and the paper streamers are ready to put the finishing touches on the room. Boxes of all kinds of beverages are already chilling. Both alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, since there are also some minors in the family, but they are also invited.

You will also have to make a toast. You've already written the short speech. Later in the evening there will also be fireworks outside in the night sky. Hopefully the police won't show up for "nocturnal disturbance". You've been through that a few times, as well as the hangover the day after the party.

If your friend's brother has his way, it will be all crooners all night long, Perry Como, Tony Bennet, Dean Martin and all the others. His brother was definitely not someone you would have imagined walking the streets with a boombox on his shoulder at a young age.


1. The one who throws the party.
2. An old term for a portable stereo system. Young people often wore it on their shoulder and walked around town with it playing loud music.
3. Verbal or written info that you are welcome to come to the party.
4. Narrow strips of paper about 2 meters long in different colors. They are first rolled into an O before they are used. You can hang them around your neck or otherwise use for decorative purposes.
5. Long colorful ribbons with patterns and cutouts often hanging under the ceiling or along the wall.
6. They should not be missing at any party. Another word for 'drinks'.
7. Someone gives a short commendatory speech. You then clink with your glasses. This is called a .....
8. During festive events, there is often a crowning spectacle where rockets are launched into the night sky, painting illuminated patterns.
9. A male singer who sings slow, romantic songs in a soft, smooth voice. Frank Sinatra was one, and so was Dean Martin.
10. In Europe, people are considered adults at the age of 18 in many countries. In America, the age of majority is 21. If you are younger, you are considered a minor.
11. The music is too loud. your neighbor is annoyed and calls the police. The offense is called nocturnal ................ of the peace.
12. You have that when you don't feel well the day after the party, have headaches, etc.


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