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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle of the Week

House cleaning

House cleaning is not only due in spring. At Christmas, too, people often want everything to be sparkling clean for the holidays. You often put on an apron first to avoid getting too dirty before you start the cleaning job with a mop, cleaning bucket and detergent. First you fill some water into the bucket, then you add some cleaning agent or detergent. Sponges are very helpful with surfaces. The coffee maker and kettle certainly need a descaler as well. The broom is very handy to sweep away dust, dirt and debris. Or you can sweep the dirt onto a dustpan and then empty it into the trash can. The broom also helps with cobwebs on the ceiling and in the corners. With the vacuum cleaner you can clean the carpets from dust. Perhaps it is worth then to even check the attic for some forgotten junk, stuff you should finally throw away or sell at a flea market.

1. A brush that has a long handle and that is used for sweeping floors. Harry Potter flew with one.
2. A round metal or plastic container with a handle attached, usually for storing and transporting water.
3. A shovellike pan with a short handle, into which dirt is swept from the ground.
4. A garment that you pull over the front of your regular clothes and tie around your waist to protect them from dirt.
5. A cleaning aid made of soft, porous material. Typically used for cleaning surfaces. They are especially good at absorbing water.
6. A device which you move over carpets and which sucks in dirt and dust. The device is called cleaner.
7. A substance or a mixture containing soaps andor surfactants, intended for washing and cleaning processes.
8. A type of acid that removes the deposits inside a coffee maker or kettle, for example.
9. They are a kind of dusty old spider webs that hang in the corners of places.
10. Things that are often old and no longer needed and stored in the attic or basement.


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