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How to Write an Effective Memo
Permanent availability has led to a permanent flow of information. Where we stuck post-it stickers to someone's monitor or keyboard, or dropped a hand written note on someone's table in the past, we now send short text messages (SMS) or emails. In this chapter we will have a look at how we can create quick and efficient memos.
How Would You Like to Sound? – British or American English?
Does it matter to learn 'Oxford English' or 'American English'? - What influence do accents have on acceptance and appreciation in business and private situations? - We take a closer look on the impact and work on the best strategy.
Personality Assessment Tests
Personality Assessment Tests have become very common in recruiting. We have a look at both sides of it, for the interviewee and the interviewer.
English for Business Executives

The Storyline

→ [wikipopup]Reddit[/wikipopup], basically an online App with a “massive collection of forums where people can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts.”, encourages retail investors to face off professional hedge fonds by buying shares of [wikipopup]GameStop[/wikipopup]. This movement immediately gets vast support on Discord and Facebook as well. 

→Hedge funds make a huge loss of investment capital within hours, as they had bet on a loss of the GameStop shares.

→Due to the turmoil of the situation, online trading apps like Robinhood temporarily suspend the trade of the Gamestop shares, respectively restrict the purchase of it.

→[wikipopup]Senator Elizabeth Warren[/wikipopup], an outspoken defender of consumer rights and frequent critic of big banks and hedge funds, is calling for the [wikipopup]Securities and Exchange Commission[/wikipopup] (SEC) to investigate.



GameStop Stock Frenzy May Not Be So Bad for Wall Street

While some hedge funds have been hit hard, ‘Wall Street’ writ large could well profit from the GameStop saga



The wave of populism shaking Wall Street


Reddit investors’ real power is over Wall Street’s future behaviour

Trading against hedge funds will not deliver social justice, but a mass movement could curb corporate excess“

No, Wall Street Bets is not a revolution

But it does make for a good narrative, granted.

Occupy Wall Street spirit returns as traders upset the elites

Reddit’s army of ‘degenerates’ challenges the financial establishment

GameStop is just latest sorry case of misallocated capital

Price-insensitive investors are driving an increasing disconnect within economies and markets

Gamestop proves the death of the individual investor was greatly exaggerated

The rise of Reddit’s WallStreetBets crowd and others taking advantage of no-fee trading on brokerages like Robinhood is a sign that some investors aren’t content simply owning funds that track the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.


What Wall Street’s ‘Short Squeeze’ Means for Investors and Regulators

Wharton’s Sasha Indarte speaks with Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM about the GameStop stock ‘short squeeze.’


ailing hedge fund  –  means: struggling hedge funds

bail out  –  means: to rescue somebody, for example by paying a security

[Wall Street] behemoths  –  means: Wall Street giants

egregious  –  means: unbelievable, scandalous

fraud  –  means: if you fake somebody else’s signature, that’s fraud.

frenzy  –  means: craziness 

no-fee trading –  means: zero costs trading

palpable  –  means: you can feel it, 

relish  –   means: joy

retail investor  –  means: a single person who invest typical a small private amount

short squeeze  –  means: to get someone into trouble, to corner someone

to subvert, subverting  –  means: to infiltrate, to undermine

valuations  – means: estimates

(the blue words are good to know. The grey ones are not really important.)
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