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How to Write an Effective Memo
Permanent availability has led to a permanent flow of information. Where we stuck post-it stickers to someone's monitor or keyboard, or dropped a hand written note on someone's table in the past, we now send short text messages (SMS) or emails. In this chapter we will have a look at how we can create quick and efficient memos.
How Would You Like to Sound? – British or American English?
Does it matter to learn 'Oxford English' or 'American English'? - What influence do accents have on acceptance and appreciation in business and private situations? - We take a closer look on the impact and work on the best strategy.
Personality Assessment Tests
Personality Assessment Tests have become very common in recruiting. We have a look at both sides of it, for the interviewee and the interviewer.
English for Business Executives

1. I've send you a .... to your mobile.
2. Put me in ..., please.
3. I left Lisa a ... on her table.
4. short for as soon as possible
5. short for for your information
6. I better write a ... to the team not to forget the team meeting next week.
7. Short greeting form at the end of a message
8. short for please
9. hand held telephone
10. person who receives the message



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