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How to Write an Effective Memo
Permanent availability has led to a permanent flow of information. Where we stuck post-it stickers to someone's monitor or keyboard, or dropped a hand written note on someone's table in the past, we now send short text messages (SMS) or emails. In this chapter we will have a look at how we can create quick and efficient memos.
How Would You Like to Sound? – British or American English?
Does it matter to learn 'Oxford English' or 'American English'? - What influence do accents have on acceptance and appreciation in business and private situations? - We take a closer look on the impact and work on the best strategy.
Personality Assessment Tests
Personality Assessment Tests have become very common in recruiting. We have a look at both sides of it, for the interviewee and the interviewer.
English for Business Executives

Understanding and support are important elements for company synergies and a good team spirit. To reach people contentwise as well as emotionally can be pivotal for your success.

For temporary important messages to well known people like colleagues and team members etc. you should consider a personal and friendly starting line like:

  • I hope you had a good morning so far.
  • I hope all is well. 
  • I am sorry to bother you, but …

Here are a few suggestions for a starting line:

I know it's a nuisance ...xx
It came to my attention ...xx
Please be informed ...xx
Please note ...xx
With [much] regret I have to inform you
I am glad to let you know ...xx
I have the pleasure to let you know
You are kindly invited
You are kindly requested
Your immediate attention is required to the following matter: xx
On behalf of
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